Client: NATO SOF
Company: General Dynamics IT
Role: Art direction + Web Design + Branding + Military Heraldry

NATO Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ) is the primary point of development, coordination and direction for all NATO Special Operations-related activities. NSHQ is located in Mons, Belgium on the grounds of the Supreme Allied Headquarters (SHAPE). The original name was the NATO SOF Coordination Centre (NSCC) and was renamed NSHQ in March of 2010.

In 2008, the NSCC launched a branding effort to streamline and unify the overall message of the mission, while maintaining a look and feel in line with the culture and nature of the SOF mission within NATO. The "grungy", weathered graphic along with the stencil-like font were proposed and adopted, and it became the common elements for the initial website development as well as all printed materials.

During my time leading the NATO Special Operations School I was involved in all aspects of the school to include marketing. I relied heavily on Pascal’s expertise, professionalism and artistic ability to develop and push our branding. Pascal supported our program from simple logo development, marketing products and online content. Pascal’s artwork literally became the face of our organization.
— Col. Cory Peterson Chief of Staff, USSOCNORTH

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"Inside NATO's Special Forces network"


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