Company: Freelance Work
Role: Art Direction + Branding + Web Design

GLADIATOR FITNESS has been providing outdoor boot camps in Northern Virginia since 2005. Gladiator Fitness is the official boot camp of the Spartan Race and the Discovery Channel, and was voted "Best Boot Camp In Northern Virginia" by Northern Virginia Magazine.

Gladiator Fitness (GF) is owned and operated by Robert “Gunny” Barker, a former U. S. Marine, martial artist, and nationally certified fitness professional, who brings over 25 years experience in training Marines, military personnel, and civilians to every workout.

On the tenth anniversary of his business, Gunny was ready to take his brand to a new level. The task included revamping the original logo and building a new website. The logo graphic was very arcane and "muddy", while the original typography was not easily readable and recognizable. His website was pitted by an overwhelming amount of content, a cluttered navigation, outdated blog entries and no clear call to action.  

While I decided to retain the original color scheme, I offered to design a leaner, cleaner, more intuitive site, with fewer navigation options. Content was sized down and I designed a strong branded interface, while offering clear calls to action on the main page and subpages alike. I devised a simpler price tables and designed a unique set of icons.

As for the logo, I retained the original color scheme, designed a simpler iconography, and paired it with a more distinctive, legible serif typeface to increase memorability.